TMap® Suite Test Engineer – Exam Voucher

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The EXIN TMap® Suite Test Engineer certification teaches candidates how tests must be prepared, specified and executed. It covers the background knowledge of the techniques, infrastructure, and tools required for a successful test. TMap® Suite Test Engineer is based on the completely renovated TMap, known as the TMap Suite, which consists of a combination 3 learning resources. These sources consist of the building blocks found on and the books ‘TMap NEXT for result-driven testing’ and ‘Neil’s quest for quality, a TMap HD story’.

Who is this certification for?

TMap NEXT® Test Engineer is created for professional testers of any level for whom testing is a significant part of their role. It is also useful for users, developers, and managers who test software projects or information systems. There is no prerequisite for the course, however, six months to a year of work experience is recommended. As is a general understanding of system development.

Main subjects

Framework and importance of testing
TMap activities and TMap NEXT phases
Test design


Exam Details

Duration: 1 hour
Number of questions: 30 (Multiple Choice)
Pass mark: 65%
Open book: No
Electronic equipment allowed: No
Level: Foundation
Available languages: Dutch, English, French
Product Type



12 Months